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Perdonanza Celestiniana 2022


Perdonanza Celestiniana 2022


As has been the case for 728 years, one of the most famous religious events in the world will be repeated this year from 23 to 29 August 2022: the Celestinian Forgiveness. Called by Pope Celestine V back in 1294, forgiveness traces in a week, the most important events of the time when, under his guidance, the Christian faith opened its doors to everyone, without distinction for classes and wealth.
This year, to give even more prestige to the almost millenary anniversary, the visit of the beloved Pope Francis on August 28, 2022. Given the importance of the event, it will be increasingly difficult to find a place to stay in the surroundings of L’Aquila. and many people opt for nearby cities, choosing Hotels in Teramo or Hotels in Pescara, even if this is not necessary.

Strategic Position
The Fiordigigli is located in an absolutely strategic position and much more convenient to reach the heart of the event than any other neighboring solution. The hotel, equipped with 60 rooms with absolute comfort, despite being at 1000 meters above sea level and only 100 meters from the base of the Gran Sasso cable car, is less than 1km from the Assergi motorway exit, on the A24, and overall a about 10 minutes by car from the city center and the Basilica of Collemaggio, the most important place of the event.

Closer to L’Aquila
It is good to know, in fact, that to reach L’Aquila from Teramo it is necessary to take the A24, follow it for about 50 minutes and exit at L’Aquila east or west, which are located just over 3km from the Assergi exit, where you will find the Fiordigigli, a nice saving.

An experience that cannot be found elsewhere
And then … no place can give you the experience of Fiordigigli, the freshness of the morning, the abundant and homemade breakfasts, the incredible feeling of well-being in the morning after a truly regenerating rest (underlined by many guests in their reviews), the good food, luxuriant and generous nature … in short, after the chaos of the party, our peace is priceless.

Additional Services and Information

The hotel offers many services to its guests, including the spa, the restaurant, VIP access to the cable car ticket office and many other amenities. For any information we are at your disposal at 0862606171